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  • Meet Joe and some of the dogs
  • How do the sleddog breeds differ?
  • What’s it like feeding so many dogs?
  • Do they really want to run?
  • Does Joe have a...favourite?

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This was a perfectly presented tour of sled dogs – looking at breeds, important historical events, the sport, the dogs as a team and current books and films that people can explore in their own time. Joe’s own story was an inspiration and her determination and honest account of how she started the business was fascinating. 

Joe is so engaging, and her love of the dogs and the sport is contagious. Being able to physically see some of the dogs (albeit in Zoom) at the end of the session was the just brilliant. 

When the group finished there were several members who stated, ‘that was the best thing I’ve seen in ages’. People smiled throughout and really want a physical trip to see the dogs in action…. I highly recommend Joe as a guest speaker. 

REVIEW BY Hannah Luhde-Thompson of KIM Inspire

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