When you take part in any adventure with us, you will be required to consent to the following.

Sled Dog Welfare is of paramount importance to us. Mynydd Sleddog Adventures reserves the right to terminate any activity with immediate effect and without a refund if necessary, if there are concerns for a dog’s welfare and/or if it is considered that participants are not following the rules and instructions given.

Working sled dogs is a cold weather activity, during warmer weather adventures may be postponed until temperatures drop, this will ensure the welfare of our dogs. We will offer our Husky Hiking Adventure as an alternative if temperatures are too warm to run.

Every person taking part in an activity provided by Mynydd Sleddog Adventures is required to read and sign a T&Cs document. By signing this document, participants are confirming that they have read and understood all the information and risks associated with sled dog activities.

All participants must listen to all safety briefings and instructions before taking part in any activities. Participants must NOT partake in any activity if they have not understood the briefings and/or instructions.

All participants must obey all instructions given by the Mynydd Sleddog Adventures leader at all times.

Strictly no alcohol or non-prescription drugs to be consumed before or during any activity. If a member of the Mynydd Sleddog Adventures team suspects that you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, you will not be permitted to take part in any adventures.

All protective equipment provided including head protection, gloves and protective eye wear must be worn for the duration of the activity.

All equipment must remain on site and returned to the designated area after use.

All equipment remains the property of Mynydd Sleddog Adventures and in the event of any damage being caused to the equipment through fault of the user, the participant is liable to pay for the repair/replacement.

All participants must understand that sled dog sports can be a dangerous activity. Whilst all efforts are made to safeguard our customers from such dangers, accidents and injuries can happen.

In agreeing to take part in this activity and signing a Consent Form, participants are acknowledging these dangers and agree to take part at their own risk and discretion.

Mynydd Sleddog Adventures is not liable for damage or loss to persons or property however incurred.

All existing injuries or health issues that may be affected by participants taking part in this activity must be reported to the leader before taking part and noted appropriately (e.g. heart problems, asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc.).

Threatening behaviour towards any sled dog, Mynydd Sleddog Adventure team member or other visitor on site is not tolerated. Any behaviour of this sort will result in the adventure being terminated and you being asked to leave the site.

Mynydd Sleddog Adventures will not accept any liability however caused for death, personal injury, lost or damage suffered by participants.

Race Team Adventure Rides – maximum participant weight: 14 stone/88 kg.

All adventures will be supervised at all times.