When you take part in any adventure with us, you will be required to consent to the following.


1.1 Sled Dog Welfare is of paramount importance to us. Mynydd Sleddog Adventures reserves the right to terminate any activity with immediate effect and without a refund if necessary, if there are concerns for a dog’s welfare and/or if it is considered that participants are not following the instructions given.

1.2 Working sled dogs is a cold weather activity, we create our booking calendar in accordance with seasonal temperature and humidity changes. Throughout the season we monitor the weather conditions, temperatures and humidity using the MET office app and a Kestrel Weather Meter to ensure the welfare of our dogs.

1.3 As the seasons change and the temperature warms, adventures may be postponed until temperatures drop. In the event of winter weather warnings; extreme high winds, storm warnings, snow or icy conditions which could jeopardise visitor safety or our dogs welfare, we will postpone and offer an alternative date or a voucher valid for one year.

1.4 Sleddog Rides – maximum participant weight: 14 stone/88 kg.


2.1 Every person taking part in an adventure provided by Mynydd Sleddog Adventures is required to read and sign our Consent Document. By signing the Consent Form, participants are confirming that they have read and understood all the information and risks associated with sled dog activities.

2.2 In the case of children under the age of 18 years old, a parent or guardian must complete and sign on their behalf.


3.1 All participants must listen to all safety briefings and instructions before taking part in any activities. Participants must NOT partake in any activity if they have not understood the briefings and/or instructions.

3.2 All participants must obey all instructions given by the Mynydd Sleddog Adventures leader at all times.

3.3 During our Intro to Mushing Adventure, the Adventure Leader will assess the confidence, ability and understanding of each participant. Should the Adventure Leader assess that a participant will have difficulty controlling the rig or dogs, the instructions will be adapted to enable the participant to take part, however, should the Adventure Leader consider it dangerous for the participant or dogs, the participant will not be permitted to proceed. This participant will be encouraged to interact with the dogs as an alternative.

3.4 Strictly no alcohol or non-prescription drugs to be consumed before or during any activity. If a member of the Mynydd Sleddog Adventures team suspects that visitors are under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, they will not be permitted to take part in any of our adventures.

3.5 All protective equipment provided including head protection, gloves and protective eye wear must be worn for the duration of the activity.

3.6 All equipment must remain on site and returned to the designated area after use.

3.7 All equipment remains the property of Mynydd Sleddog Adventures and in the event of any damage being caused to the equipment through fault of the user, the participant is liable to pay for the repair/replacement.

3.8 All participants must understand and accept that sled dog sports can be a dangerous activity. Whilst all efforts are made to safeguard our visitors from such dangers, accidents and injuries can happen.

3.9 In agreeing to take part in this activity and signing a Consent Form, participants are acknowledging these dangers and agree to take part at their own risk and discretion.

3.10 Mynydd Sleddog Adventures is not liable for damage or loss to persons or property however incurred.

3.11 All existing injuries or health conditions that may be affected by participants taking part in this activity must be reported to the leader before taking part and noted appropriately (e.g. heart problems, asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc.).

3.12 Threatening or abusive behaviour towards our dogs, Mynydd Sleddog Adventure team member or other visitor on site is not tolerated. Any behaviour of this sort will result in the adventure being terminated and you being asked to leave the site.

3.13 Mynydd Sleddog Adventures will not accept liability however caused for death, personal injury, loss of property or damage suffered by participants.

3.14 All adventures will be supervised at all times.


4.1 Changes To Your Booking – By You

If, after your booking has been confirmed, you reduce the number of participants, the payment will be forfeited for any cancelled members. You must notify us in advance of an increase in numbers, we will endeavour to accommodate an increase wherever possible.

4.2 Cancellation By You

You should contact us immediately if you need to change or cancel your booking. We will endeavour to provide an alternative date.

In the event of cancellation by you, we do not issue refunds. We advise you to take out insurance against cancellation.

4.3 Changes To Your Booking – By Us

In the event of circumstances beyond our control; we reserve the right to make changes at any time to the adventures we offer, should this become necessary.

4.4 Cancellation By Us

In the event of cancellation by us we will offer an alternative date or voucher (valid for one year). We do not offer refunds. We advise you to take out insurance against cancellation.

4.5 We will notify you as soon as possible, of any changes to your adventure and do our very best to offer an alternative date if needed.

4.6 We reserve the right to reschedule the timings of any Adventure owing to factors beyond our control.

4.5 Covid-19

Should any of our visitors test positive for COVID-19, preventing them from attending on the date of their booking, please let us know as soon as possible and we will simply postpone. We will work with our visitors to arrange a future date that is suitable for their adventure to take place. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the experience


5.1 Working Sled Dogs is a cool weather activity, during warmer weather adventures may be postponed until temperatures drop, this will ensure the welfare of our dogs. In these circumstances, we will offer an alternative date or voucher valid for one year.

5.2 In the event of winter weather warnings; extreme high winds, storm warnings, snow or icy conditions which could jeopardise visitor safety or our dogs welfare, we will postpone and offer an alternative date or voucher valid for one year.

5.3 Named Storms. When the MET Office names an imminent storm, all bookings will be postponed to ensure the safety of our visitors and dogs. In the UK, the Met Office names any storm when it has the potential to cause disruption or damage. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/34581210.  Under the terms of our permission to operate our business on land/forest provided by NRW, we are not allowed to operate during severe weather.


6.1 Vouchers purchased from Mynydd Sleddog Adventures will be issued directly by us to the purchaser or, on the purchaser’s direction, to another person nominated.

6.2 Vouchers purchased from Mynydd Sleddog Adventures are non refundable and cannot be exchanged for money.

6.3 Voucher terms and conditions form a basis of a contract between us (Mynydd Sleddog Adventures Ltd.), and you (the purchaser and/or any subsequent holder of the experience gift voucher). If you have any questions please call.

6.4 Mynydd Sleddog Adventures Ltd. issues face value vouchers (“Vouchers”) entitling the Holder to redeem the value stated on the Voucher towards a sleddog adventure (“Adventure”).

6.5 Voucher validity Mynydd Sleddog Adventures Vouchers are valid for a maximum of twelve months and booking is subject to availability. You will find the expiry date printed on the Voucher. You must book and complete your adventure prior to the expiry date. Mynydd Sleddog Adventures Vouchers are not transferable.

6.6 Mynydd Sleddog Adventures Voucher’s validity may be extended in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Mynydd Sleddog Adventures Ltd, this will be at no extra cost to the purchaser. No extended vouchers will be refunded.

7. Insurance

7.1 The price of the Voucher does not include any type of personal accident insurance. Visitors may wish to consider taking out their own personal injury insurance.

8. Adventure availability and timings

8.1 These are given as a guide only

9. Age and weight restrictions

9.1 Please note there are weight and age restrictions, please check the website before booking.

10. Description and photography

10.1 We have tried hard to ensure that descriptions, illustrations and experience titles used in the Voucher, in all our literature and our website are accurate, however, photographs and experience titles are intended to give a general idea of the activity described, and do not form part of any contract between you and Mynydd Sleddog Adventures.

11. Changes to your Adventure – See 4.5 & 4.6

11.1 Adventures may be postponed due to weather conditions, mechanical failure, or for other reasons beyond our control. If your activity is postponed because of the weather, you will be able to rebook for a date on which you are able to attend.

11.2 Mynydd Sleddog Adventures is unable to reimburse travel, accommodation or other incidental expenses incurred by you in attending an Adventure which is cancelled for any reason.

12. Refunds

12.1 Please note that refunds are not available on our adventures or gift vouchers.